We offer positions for doctors, teachers and students who wish to take their placements/electives and gap years in medicine, teaching (from pre-school up to university level) as well as volunteering in orphanages and tourism.

We also have a special job:

APPLY FOR A JOB IN HOTEL. This is special for ONLY professionals (Marketing, Hotel Management, chef etc ). Send your application to or

ADVANTAGE; Free stay and food

For this you just need to pay for your transport and working permit.

Additional Support

Visa and Travel Advisory.

We will help you out with the visa process whenever required. This includes providing any letters required for visa processing and advice on local airlines to book your connecting flights. Also, we will suggest the good bus company if preferred.

Handling all formalities

A volunteering/internship activity is never possible with a tourist visa only (Tanzania Immigration Act). Depending on the duration of your stay, location and your volunteering/internship you will additionally need a Residence Permit/Working permit or a Visitor’s Pass. According to the Tanzanian immigration authorities, these papers are not issued at the Tanzanian embassies abroad, but only in Tanzania at the airport where you will be required to pay 250USD in total (Includes working permit and Tourist visa)a. Currently, we have an office in the UK which will give you further information about you trip to Tanzania. We also intend to open an office in German, Canada and USA in the future.

Organizing your trip

Prior to your arrival and during your stay you will get our full support. We will answer any question that you might have prior to arrival, and make sure you have all required information. After you arrived a member of Ijue Tanzania will show you all important places in your area to get an orientation and will provide you with all important aspects to your work and programme.

Airport pick-up and drop-off

Regardless of your arrival time, one our staff will be at Julius Nyerere international Airport to pick you up. Depending on the time and area of your program you will either be taken directly to one of our accommodation or you may spend a night and then begin the trip to your location the next morning.

And when you are done with your program, we will organize your Julius Nyerere International Airport drop off.

Local SIM card and Internet

We will take you to shops where you will buy airtime credit and bundles for internet makes your life even more easier especial those who will be living with the Tanzania family.

Confirmation about your stay

For approval of student placements/internship (e.g for your university, scholarship, insurance company etc). We will write confirmation about your stay in advance or arrange them from your program you will volunteer. We will also have internship contract be signed/stamped and will fill out training schedules together with the employer of your placement and confirmation/certificate after your stay.

24 Hours Emergency Service

24 hours phone reachability and assistance for emergency will be provided


General Medicine

One focus of Ijue Tanzania is in the field of medicine. As a volunteer in the medical area you will be free to choose between Medicine, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiology and Dentistry. In these projects you will learn from local doctors, get hands-on experience as well working independent, for the one who already have enough experience.

Ijue Tanzania is the ONLY organisation in Tanzania which offers a unique “outreach programme” and ”village experience’‘ from time to time in the remote/rural area where poor people lack specialized medical services. As a volunteer you can join a group of specialised doctors to travel with them and work over there for a week. You will enjoy and get a really unique experience with the specialized doctors who are flexible and willing to share theire knowledge with you. Ijue Tanzania as a company also uses one part of the profit to buy hospital materials for these outreach program.

Ijue Tanzania is in partnership with 10 provincial and rural referral hospital, district hospitals, health center facilities for doctors, medical students, nurses and physiotherapist and schools for teachers and students who wish to take their placements/electives and gap years.


You can choose to volunteer in a school, college or university where you can teach students and share experience with local teachers. In here you will experience how educational institutions operate in Tanzania. Mostly our volunteers teach English, Mathematics and Physical Exercises in primary schools. In secondary school and university they teach various subjects since in secondary schools and Universities we use English Language as a medium of instruction.

General Care

Volunteering in the filed of child care you are able to work in orphanages. We have partnerships with various orphanages for children from the age of 1 to 15 years. As a volunteer you will help to prepare children to go to school, playing games, cooking for them, helping to wash their clothes and cleaning the environment around the orphanage center.

Law and Human Right

As a volunteer you will utilize your knowledge to help people with Law and Human Rights issues. Since many people cannot afford paying lawyers our organizations, we are working with communities to raise attention to common issues in Tanzania like Land Conflicts, Family Conflicts, and many others.


We accept volunteers who are business experts or in business schools to volunteer in Tanzanian companies. The firms mostly deal with loan issues.

Environmental Conservation

Tanzania has a huge lack of clean environment for human life. This is caused by the lack of environmental education among people. As a volunteer you will dedicate your time to help in projects like educating people about environment and cleaning in the streets as well as in the areas near the ocean. As a company we take you to local organisations to share experience in helping the society to raise awareness about environmental conservation.


Tanzania is a widely known country for tourism. We have a huge number of institutions, government and private owned companies dealing with tourist activities. We will place you in a project so that you are going to learn new skills and you can make use of the knowledge you already have. In this project we accept professionals, interns and pre students undertaking tourism courses in their countries.

Administration and Management

We cannot go further in development without good administration and management. In Tanzania we place you in offices where you will be able to volunteer and share your experience with other people while learning new things.


We accept professionals, interns and pre journalism students in this project. Depending on your interest you will be able to volunteer in print media (newspaper or magazine), radio or audio visual production and editing.

Language Courses

Swahili is a national language in Tanzania and most of Tanzanians (especially those did not go to secondary school) don’t know proper spoken and written English.

For students who have to learn Swahili for University, e.g. African Studies we organize intensive courses for them. Depending on their time, we organize Swahili studies from two weeks to six months. As a Swahili learner you will decide how long you want to study. 2 hours will be offered per day. But also for all other volunteers we offer basic Swahili courses. Swahili language will make your interact easier with the local people in the places you work. You can register for Swahili lesson in any number of hours.