In the Kilimanjaro region we have a partnership with Mawenzi Regional Hospital which has all the departments a volunteer can work in. At Mawenzi hospital there are all together 447 workers, 152 are nurses and over 20 doctors. There are about 300 beds you can find. Medical wards, Surgical wards, Paediatric wards, Gynaecological and Prenatal wards where there is also a labor ward. There is a Physiotherapy unit, HIV unit and Tuberculosis clinic, X-Ray unit and laboratory. Apart from Volunteering you can will enjoy the heritage of this place, Mount Kilimanjaro with its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira, is a dormant volcanic mountain in Tanzania. It is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 metres (19,341 ft) above sea level.