Dar Es Salaam

Our main office is located in Dar Es Salaam. Although, it is not the capital it is the country’s commercial industrial capital and Tanzania’s main port is located here. It has a population of 4.36 million people according to census of 2012. The city was founded in 1862 by sultan Seyyid Majid.

We have several places for volunteering in Dar Es Salaam, including placements in medicine, general care, teaching, jounalism, law and human rights, language courses (Kiswahili), business, environment and conservation.

In Dar Es Salaam we have partnership with various hospitals including Mwananyamala Regional Referral Hospital, Temeke Regional Referral Hospital, Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, Amana Regional Referral Hospital, Muhimbili Orthopedic Institute (MOI) and Muhimbili National Hospital.

Apart from only working in the city you will have a special programme of outreach/village experience. This will be conducted in the small village of Saadani (within Saadani national park) or in Morogoro (close to the Mikumi national park).


Saadani is a 13th National park located at the historic triangle of Zanzibar, Pangani and Bagamoyo. It is located about 110 km North of Dar Es Salaam and 44 km North of the historical town of Bagamoyo. It is the only national park in Tanzania open to the sea and has 800-1000 in habitants whose livelihood is mostly fishing. The village has two primary schools and one secondary school. There are also two dispensaries. At the moment no orphanage centre is there but there is a responsible person who is dealing with orphans. However our company is building it muscle to be able to open an orphanage centre in saadani in the future.