Ijue means to know‘, literally, it means knowing Tanzania.

IJUE TANZANIA is basically a volunteering organisation with the main office in Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania. It is dealing with volunteer placements (professional and non professional), wildlife safaris as well as cultural tourism. This is done through interaction by living and working with local people. Volunteers can also interact through cultural activities which include rituals, customs, art and artistry. It is through living and working closely with people especially in the rural area where 75% of Tanzanian are living (national census of 2012).

IJUE TANZANIA has been conducting volunteer-ship across rural Tanzania providing specialized health care services to the people living in low privileged area. Our future aim is to help the community of poor people or those in need through giving health assistance, care and education.

IJUE TANZANIA is working in partnership with a number of hospitals and health centers, schools, orphanage centres and the local government in the area, covering professional and non professional placements/electives, sabbatical and gap years.

You will undertake your placement/volunteer program in the following regions of Tanzania: Morogoro, Iringa, Mbeya, Songea, Kilimanjaro, Tanga (Lushoto) and Dar Es Salaam. From time to time Medical Volunteers will also have a chance to join a group of tanzanian doctors doing outreach programme around the country. We will also be able to arrange or recommend a safari for you at affordable prices as we also believe tourism should not be expensive. Therefore there will be separate packages of days to week safari which will also include the visit to national parks and different islands of Tanzania, including mafia and the beautiful spice island of Zanzibar. Every Volunteer will join a basic Swahili course, wich is included in the programme. There will also be a choice of split placement between 2 hospitals within the country if needed.


You will undertake your placement/Volunteer program in the following regions of Tanzania

Morogoro | Iringa | Mbeya | Songea | Kilimanjaro | Dar-Es-Salaam | Tanga (Lushoto).

When you decide to volunteer with us, you will be able to choose where or which region to go to work. All of these will depend on two things. First is the vacancy or availability of the particular project in that region and second is your priority, where you would like to work. We also have partnership with a Hospital and Health Centers as well as  orphanages in lake zone specifically Mwanza region

The basic Swahili course is also part of the main package

Since the main language in Tanzania is Kiswahili, as a volunteer, you will get time to learn some Swahili basic words. These few words will help you to interact well with local people in your placements.