What is ijue Tanzania

Ijue means ”to know’‘, literally Ijue Tanzania means knowing Tanzania.

Ijue Tanzania is an organisation which deals with managing volunteers from abroad who are willing to come to Tanzania to work in social and medical placements (professional and non professional).

Ijue Tanzania also helps volunteers and tourists to organise wildlife safaris as well as offering cultural tourism activities. This is done through interaction by living and working with local people. The main office is in  Dar Es Salaam.

Healthcare in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world and has to deal with a lot of diseases resulting from a poor access for many people to water, sanitary facilities and the health care system.

Despite the government’s effort to improve the health sector, we Tanzanians are still facing big challenges. According to the Medical Association of Tanzania  (2010), the doctor patient ratio is 1:30,000. The situation is more worse in the rural areas of Tanzania where very few qualifed doctors are willing to go.

Most specialist are located in the cities where good but expensive health care is available. Together with other medical doctors, the founder of Ijue Tanzania, who is a surgeon by professional, are organising regular mission to low privileged areas upcountry. On this outreach programme doctors with different specializations are going to give free service to people who cannot afford the long and expensive way to the cities.

Tanzania has a total number of 218 hospitals (104 public and 114 private). There are 574 health centres, together with 5478 dispensaries country wide.

Our biggest national hospital is located in Dar Es Salaam, which is a 3000 bed capacity hospital.


Our Services

We offer positions for doctors, teachers and students who wish to take their placements/electives and gap years in medicine, teaching (from pre-school up to university level) as well as volunteering in orphanages and tourism.

We will arrange for you a place to stay, provide you with meals, support you with the visa application letter  and much more.

General Medicine

You will be free to choose between Medicine, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiology and Dentistry. In these projects you will learn from local doctors, get hands-on experience as well working independent, for the one who already have enough experience.


You can choose to volunteer in a school, college or university where you can teach students and share experience with local teachers. You will experience how the educational institutions operate in Tanzania. Mostly, our volunteers teach English, Mathematics and Physical Exercises in primary schools.

General Care

Volunteering in the filed of child care you are able to work in orphanages. We have partnerships with various orphanages for children from the age of 1 to 15 years. As a volunteer you will help to prepare children to go to school, playing games, cooking for them, helping to wash their clothes and cleaning the environment.

Law and Human Right

As a volunteer you will utilize your knowledge to help people with Law and Human Rights issues. Since many people cannot afford paying lawyers our organizations, we are working with, having projects in communities to raise attention to common issues in Tanzania.


We accept volunteers who are business experts or in business schools to volunteer in Tanzanian companies. The firms mostly deal with loan issues.

Envinonmental Consevation

Tanzania has a huge lack of clean environment for human life. This is caused by the lack of environmental education among people. As a volunteer you will dedicate your time to help in projects like educating people about environment and cleaning in the streets as well as in the areas near the ocean.


Tanzania is a widely known country for tourism. We have a huge number of institutions, government and private owned companies dealing with tourist activities. We will place you in a project so that you are going to learn new skills and you can make use of the knowledge you already have.

Administration & Management

We cannot go further in development without good administration and management. In Tanzania we place you in offices where you will be able to volunteer and share your experience with other people while learning new things.


We accept professionals, interns and pre journalism students in this project. Depending on your interest you will be able to volunteer in print media (newspaper or magazine), radio or audio visual production and editing.

Language Courses

Swahili is a national language in Tanzania and most of Tanzanians (especially those did not go to secondary school) don’t know proper spoken and written English.

For students who have to learn Swahili for University, e.g. African Studies we organize intensive courses for them. Depending on their time, we organize Swahili studies from two weeks to six months. As a Swahili learner you will decide how long you want to study. 2 hours will be offered per day. But also for all other volunteers we offer basic Swahili courses. Swahili language will make your interact easier with the local people in the places you work. You can register for Swahili lesson in any number of hours.


We also welcome volunteers interested with sports. You can have a great chance to teach or participate in sports like Volleyball Basketball, Netball and Football. Depending on your choice you can choose to teach primary school kids (7-14 years) or Secondary School students (15-22 Years)

Also in addition you can decide to teach Mathematics and English Language in the schools where you will be teaching or participating in  Sports.


Why should you come to Tanzania?

With its large and growing domestic population and internal political stability Tanzania presents a uniquely attractive area among the East Africa region countries. Tanzania offers a lot of things to explore. With a wide range of activities you will never get bored: Hiking Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa, seeing wildlife on a safari in Serengeti Nationalpark, having a relaxed beach day at Bongoyo island, smelling spices at Zanzibar, etc. Tanzanians will welcome you with open arms to show you their culture. And there is a lot to do in Tanzania where every helping hand is needed. But also you can learn a lot from Tanzanian professionals. When you want to know if bongo flava is something to eat 😉 and want to experince to drive a Dala Dala you should come to voluteer with us in Tanzania.

A word from the Founder

Tanzania has more than 50 years of independence but still, faces many challenges in the health and education sector. The ratio of doctor: patient stand at 1 to more than 26,000 patients.

- Eliasa Mkongo


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What volunteers say about Ijue Tanzania

I volunteered with Ijue Tanzania under Tourism Project, honestly it was beyond my expectation, everything went really well. I will remember Ijue Tanzania people in the rest of my life
Christina Revell Nikolajsen
Christina Revell NikolajsenCare Volunteer from Denmark

I had the best experience volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania, the kids are so sweet I enjoyed every moment with them.

Miriam Buisman, Medical
Miriam Buisman, Medical Volunteer from Austria
I have travelled a lot in different areas by myself, and family, and friends. This was quite different because it was organised really well.